Prefabricated Commercial

Prefabricated Commercial Spaces

Our prefab commercial spaces are widely popular being 8 times lighter than the brick and gypsum walls. The roof, floors, walls, and doors are built in-house, and assembled in no time! Our spaces are architecturally diverse and aesthetically pleasing. The spaces are planned according to comfortable seating for a large number of people. Installation and re-locating are made super easy because of the lesser heavy machinery and minimized site wreckage.

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Solvabuild commercial spaces feature the following factors

  • Promotes adaptability and maximum material usage
  • The space perimeter consists of steel framing, thus shortening installing/ dismantling period.
  • The steel is galvanized beforehand to prevent corrosion and serve better in the long run.
  • Left out area in your space? It can be rebuilt into another structure altogether!
  • By including air conditioning units, resin flooring, insulated walls etc., during construction, the building process is streamlined.
  • Using environmental wastes as raw materials, our spaces are an added benefit for the Earth.

How is prefabricated steel helpful?

All of the prefabricated homes and spaces are built with the help of prefabricated steel or any such metal. Such things can help the person to get the desired results. Following are the benefits of prefabricated steel houses. Let’s have a look at them.

  • These are the houses that are highly customized and can be assembled from the manufacturing unit to the construction site. The use of prefabricated steel is the perfect pick for steel prefab homes as it can be designed in any way the person wants to.
  • The durability of the prefab houses from the steel modular homes manufacturers is highly commendable. The person gets a proper warranty for the work, which is great in the long run.

Are the prefab homes Eco-friendly?

Yes, all prefabricated steel and the homes constructed from it are eco-friendly. This will surely cause less waste in comparison to the traditional construction process. In the prefabricated steel houses, a major consideration is given to the construction prices, involving modern technologies.

For the best quality steel prefab homes, you need to contact the best steel modular homes manufacturers, i.e., Solvabuild, known for its best services.

The Importance of Prefabricated Steel Buildings


Steel is a robust and durable material that contributes to building strong and lasting constructions that survive for decades. Additionally, several construction experts and engineers have shown that well-insulated steel structures may considerably lower owners’ heating and cooling expenditures. As a result, prefabricated steel is widely used in office buildings, industrial facilities, factories, and retail structures.

Many commercial construction businesses and fabricators now provide prefabricated steel houses or structures. It contributes to reducing construction time without jeopardizing the building’s security and safety.  

Consider the following functions of steel prefab homes in commercial construction:

  • Structural integrity:

Steel has one of the most incredible strength-to-weight ratios of any metal utilized in structural construction. Steel is an excellent building material because it resists splitting, warping, rusting, rotting, and cracking. Most significantly, steel does not shrink or expand due to moisture or other external environmental factors. As a result, prefabricated steel structures have robust construction and base.

  • Longevity:

Durability is one of the characteristics of a unique structure. Because the system is built of steel, you can be confident that it will survive for many decades. Steel’s increased strength results in a more robust structure that can withstand the weight of other building materials for an extended period.  

  • Precision construction:

Another critical advantage of prefabricated steel buildings is their extreme adaptability. Prefabricated steel buildings enable you to include finishes such as bricks, stones, and other conventional construction materials. In addition, with prefabricated home extension options, you can create a place that is uniquely yours, complete with branded fixtures and accessories.