PUF Panels

Polyurethane Foam Panels, commonly known as PUF Panels, are sandwiched metallic structure boards used for partition walls, roofing, warehouses, cold rooms, security cabins, etc. It’s user-friendly design and simplified construction have made it a primary preference in the market. Our CFC-free panels are eco-friendly and contribute towards a safe environment. Our PUF panels are sound, heat and moisture resistant, which provides a long service life and low expenditure cost on maintenance. Solvabuild PUF panels are extraordinary and have these following features:

  • Ideal electrical properties and controlled thermal conductivity.
  • Highly rigid structures with long service life.
  • Give the perfect finish to your home/commercial structure and design.
  • Can easily be replaced or repaired in case of any damage.
  • Can withstand high wind pressure or heavy rain.

Why Puf Panels Are the Right Choice?

Due to its amazing insulating properties, the PUF panel is an ideal choice. Follow the below-mentioned points to know about its benefits:

  • Energy-saving

    – Due to low thermal conductivity, these are good heat insulators. This helps in regulating the right temperature indoors. It helps in protecting the inner environment from heat, keeping the indoors cool. This will help in using less energy indoors which will save costs incurring in controlling the indoor temperatures. Also, on the other hand, if the temperature is low outside, it will help in retaining the heat, keeping the indoors warm.

  • Reduces noise pollution

    – This has a sandwich structure, which turns out to reduce noise pollution. So, puff root sheets will not let the noise pass through if your place is located on the highway or where the traffic is high. You will feel silence indoors even if it is noisy outside.

  • Weather-resistant

    – This works great in all weathers such as winds, snow, rainfall etc. It will protect your place with full strength. Also, if you are worried about rust, know that they are resistant to corrosion. In short, it can stand against any climatic conditions.

  • Easy to install

    – Even if it is sandwiched between two metal sheets, these are not too heavy. So, on-site, you can easily handle it and can be easily installed. This will, in the end, reduce the labour costs as well. Handling is easy, which reduces the risks, as well as the construction site, which is usually covered in risks. You will easily find the best puf panel manufacturers around you.

  • Durable

    – This will last long, and you can rely on it for many years. As already said, these are preferable for all the weather conditions. These have a long life and require less or no maintenance at all.

  • Inexpensive

    – These are not expensive in your pockets, so puff roof sheets are an ideal choice if you wish to cover a huge area. Also, it comes in various patterns, so you can select from them as well. Undoubtedly, these are the first choice of all the architects when it comes to offices, factories, etc.

We, at Solvabuild, are a leading puf panel price for best supplier in India and make sure our clients get the best. You can contact us online, and we will happily assist you with your doubts. 

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