Steel Prefabs

To offer a hassle-free construction period, we introduce you to steel prefabs that give major benefits to you in terms of quality, sustainability, and speed. By incorporating high technology, we build the prefabs that are better than wood in terms of strength and quality. There is minimal raw material wastage being pre-built at a safe manufacturing environment. The structures are assembled by our experienced execution system directly on site. The steel prefabs are easy to maintain and can be reworked in case of a spatial maximization by moving the interior walls or additional stories.

  • Properly galvanized steel structure thus is not susceptible to corrosion.
  • Can endure vibration and shock because of its great flexibility.
  • Have improved safety feature due to reliable structural strength and stability.
  • Available for every budget range.
  • Easy on-site installation hence has less impact on the environment.

Rise of Prefabricated Steel Buildings 

The prefabricated steel structures are both structurally sound and aesthetically pleasing. The design and technology facilitate rapid construction and allow for the extension as needed. The basic system is composed of columns and beams supported by a secondary structure composed of purlins. These pieces are formed by cutting and welding steel sheets together.  

Manufacturing occurs at a factory along a production line equipped with automated equipment. This procedure ensures little mistake and maximizes efficiency for prefabricated steel houses.

Light corrugated steel sheeting is the most cost-efficient cladding material for these structures, both for walls and roofs. Sandwich panels are another alternative for wall and roof cladding. The raw materials utilized are corrosion resistant and pre-coated with a long-lasting finish.

Important advantages of prefabricated steel:

Prefabricated construction is a novel method of construction. The project’s different components are created in a factory-controlled environment and then brought to the construction site for assembly and completion. This form of the building has various advantages, which are outlined below:

  • Contemporary Construction Methods:

Each building unit in prefabricated construction may be readily dismantled and relocated to a new location. This considerably minimizes the need for fresh materials, the amount of energy used, and the total duration of building.

  • Construction at a rapid pace:

Prefabricated construction is substantially faster than conventional on-site building. Prefabrication often takes less than half the time required for typical construction techniques to create a structure.

  • Consistently high standard:

Because prefabricated building occurs in a controlled industrial environment, each assembly unit is produced to exacting standards. This ensures that the structure of the building unit is of consistent quality.

  • Eco-Friendly:

Prefabricated building is one of the most energy- and environmentally-efficient ways of construction. Traditional building processes sometimes needed more material, increasing the likelihood of waste. 

Thus, prefab steel buildings are rapidly gaining recognition and popularity in India due to their many advantages. This building technique provides environmental advantages, uniform quality, high-quality structures, and a speedier completion time.

If you are looking for prefabricated steel houses or structure manufacturers, trust Solvabuild as we are the leading prefab steel buildings manufacturers in the country. Get in touch with our team today with your requirements.  

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