Rooftop Floor Extension

Rooftop / Floor Extension Architecture in Delhi

Got a home but lacking rooms? How about building a brand new floor on that roof?

If you are looking for a long-term saving on a luxurious abode, along with environmental benefits, our floor, or rooftop extensions are an absolute fit for your requirement. Our cleverly refined rooftop and floor elements are not only visually striking but practically favorable. We make sure to take away the boxy dullness of an unstructured space by multiplying the floor and roof area without hindering the space.

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There are numerous possibilities when it comes to adding extra space like an additional loft or a terrace room. Meticulous attention to detail is given at every step to give you a pre-FAB experience with these following features:-

  • Optimizing roof/ floor area with better usage of available space.
  • Well-tested extensions, ensuring that they are safe.
  • Less excavation work aiding greatly too busy households
  • Superior columns provide higher insulation levels, noise reduction, and protection from the sun.
  • Solid roofing/ flooring with special expertise at a feasible budget.

Rooftop extensions aren’t uncommon in India. With limited space around, people resort to extensions to accommodate every member of the family comfortably. If you wish to improve your house, one of the best ways would be with a floor or rooftop extension.

An extension allows you the golden opportunity to create the home of your dreams. Forgo the idea of selling and moving from your current home with a refabricated rooftop extension architecture in Delhi at affordable prices.

There are many reasons homeowners consider a rooftop extension a much better option than its counterparts.

  • It helps you save money and time. You no longer need to put down a deposit when you buy a new home or pay extra cash while moving your household.
  • It helps in increasing the value of your current home. If you add something effective to your existing home structure, the value of the overall design of your home is bound to increase in the market.
  • It helps you avoid the complicated paths in the housing market, such as fees, taxes, and so on.
  • It doesn’t require you to move to a new place, which is complicated in itself. It can also be challenging to adjust to new surroundings and neighbors. Therefore, you get to stay in an area where you are naturally integrated and accustomed.
  • It helps you materialize wishes. You do not have to compromise on anything as the design will be tailored to your needs and requirements. You can be as involved as you wish to be in planning and designing the extension.

first-floor extension

Benefits of rooftop extension architecture

  • The best part about rooftop extension architecture is that it helps save a lot of energy used to maintain a comfortable temperature inside the place. If there is no rooftop extension, it can consume a lot of energy to either heat or cool down the place.
  • The prefab roof extension is something that has the durability of a long time. This adds more value to the constructed structure. The ground floor extension is completely waterproof and is made from highly resistant weather.
  • The use of the prefab first floor extension will help in providing more of the space. It can accommodate a lot of things in just small property; still, it will give a great look to the person.

The material used for supporting such structure

  • Concrete: To give a proper shape to the rooftop extension architecture, concrete plays a very important role. This will help in giving the desired shape to the prefab roof extension.
  • Timber: From the ground floor extension to the first-floor extension, all require different types of timber like rafters, purlins, trusses, and frames. All are joined together to get the desired results.
  • Steel: Even the steel frames are required to give extra support to the overall structure.

How Can Solvabuild Help?

If your home is running out of space, you should consider getting a rooftop extension. As one of the best roof extension manufacturers in Delhi, Solvabuild will help you create your dream house at astounding prices.

Blessed with a team of experienced professionals, we will use cleverly refined floor and rooftop elements that are practically favorable as well as visually striking. Enhance your home with the numerous possibilities we have to offer in floor and rooftop extensions.

Want extra space for a terrace room or an additional loft? Solvabuild will take care of all your needs. Work alongside our experts to communicate your specific requirements in order to create your ideal home.

With years of experience in modular rooftop extension in Delhi, we are going to bring in the best-prefabricated home features that will ultimately save your precious resources without impacting the function.

Get to optimize roof/floor area by using the available space better. Our well-tested extensions are going to ensure the durability and safety of all the members living under the roof. With less excavation work, our construction process is perfect for busy households.

With Solvabuild, avail noise reduction, higher insulation level, and protection from the sun. By easily integrating to all budget types, we will ensure that you get the best value for your money in terms of floor and rooftop extension.

Get in touch with us to build the house of your dreams today!