What You Need to Know About Prefab Homes

Despite prefab homes becoming an increasingly popular option for many people, there’s still a surprising amount of misinformation about what they are, how they’re built, and the many benefits they can bring. Prefab (or prefabricated) construction is simply the construction of a house (or building) using materials that were rendered in panels or parts. Think…

What are the Advantages of Prefab Homes?

What are the Advantages of Prefab Homes?

Prefab homes are built off-site from where your future home will be situated. They are often advertised as modern, energy-efficient, and cost-saving as they are constructed in a manufacturing setting. Generally, Prefab homes would be manufactured in pieces-complete with electrical finishes, wall color choices and windows-and delivered and assembled on-site as you specify Today with…

Saptak Chatterjee

This testimonial is for Mr. Aman Jalota of Solvabuild. About 3 months back my parents and I decided to get an extra hall made on our terrace for various purposes, mainly being small performances, workshops, classes, etc. We considered quite a few options and about 4-5 individuals who possibly could pull it off.