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3 Reasons You Should Invest in Modular Home

Nowadays, it has become difficult to choose any particular home-building option, considering the number of options available. Modular homes or prefabricated homes are gaining more popularity recently in the housing market. A modular home is one, which is not made on the site of your future home. They are made in a factory-like setting and…

What are the Advantages of Prefab Homes?

What are the Advantages of Prefab Homes?

Prefab homes are built off-site from where your future home will be situated. They are often advertised as modern, energy-efficient, and cost-saving as they are constructed in a manufacturing setting. Generally, Prefab homes would be manufactured in pieces-complete with electrical finishes, wall color choices and windows-and delivered and assembled on-site as you specify Today with…

Saptak Chatterjee

This testimonial is for Mr. Aman Jalota of Solvabuild. About 3 months back my parents and I decided to get an extra hall made on our terrace for various purposes, mainly being small performances, workshops, classes, etc. We considered quite a few options and about 4-5 individuals who possibly could pull it off.